• L. Martynets Donetsk Vasyl Stus National University
Keywords: innovation, innovative technologies, professional development, master-classes, internet projects, dissemination of pedagogical experience, teacher’s individual educational route, self-education, portfolio, certifi cation.


An article is devoted to disclosure of innovative technologies of teacher’s professional development in comprehensive schools. Analysis of scientifi c-pedagogical literature which casts light upon separate aspects of problem has been hold. It is highlighted that the development of education should be based on the usage of new progressive conceptions, introducing modern pedagogical technologies and scientifi c and methodical achievements into teaching and educational process. It is determined that innovative directions of pedagogics staff’s professional growth are as follows: contests of professional skills, author’s programs aimed on professional development of teachers, Internet projects and open lesson’s fests; meetings with educational fi gures ideologists of educational programs; seminars with Methodists of leading publishers, authors of books and educational manuals; master – classes; disseminations of pedagogical experience through the publications in pedagogical journals and in Internet.

It is revealed that an activity of methodical service is an innovative resource in improving of pedagogical skills. The fundamental directions of methodical service’s activities are: improving of professional skills of teacher’s and managing staff; organization of timely certifi cation of pedagogical staff; organization and holding professional contests; studding the work experience of educational organizations and pedagogical staff; support and accompaniment of young specialists via realization of regional social project «School of Young Teacher»; organization and realization of Olympiads and creative competitions for pupils; the methodical accompany of regional methodical unions’ activity.

Forming the teacher’s individual educational route is a very important innovative direction on modern stage, including its self-education, creating of professional portfolio, certifi cation and participation in professional contests.

It is highlighted that the teacher’s self-development is done in terms of constant transformation which provides for inner activity which let them cross the borders of stated standards of personal and public necessity, realize their understanding of content, meaning of personal activity. The teacher’s necessity is grown up in terms of education updating, because teachers are able to modernize the content of their activity with the help of critical, creative developing and using science achievements and prominent pedagogical experience.


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Author Biography

L. Martynets, Donetsk Vasyl Stus National University

Liliia Martynets,

Ph. D in Pedagogy, Associate Professor,

Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Management of Education

Donetsk Vasyl Stus National University

Vinnytsia, Ukraine


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