• L. Mykhailenko Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Keywords: professional activity; family physicians; social portrait; specificity of professional activity; components of professional competence; competence of family physicians.


The work is focused on the specificity of modern professional activities of family physicians in the United States. There has been analyzed the concept of “social portrait of a family physician” as a number of social qualities of a medical specialist which are necessary for carrying out professional duties such as: solving a wide range of medical issues; comprehensive patient care; longterm relationships with the patient; prevention of diseases. Five components of professional competence of medical specialists have been determined, they are as following: cognitive, presenting medical knowledge of a physician; reflexive, which includes the ability to learn, take independent professional solutions, etc.; ethical, including the rules of conduct of family doctors; social, indicating the skills and abilities of a physician to take into consideration problems of different patients; communicative, covering the skills to communicate both with various medical specialists and with patients. The principles of medical ethics in the United States have been described. The basic competencies have been highlighted as the main components which used to evaluate the professionalism of doctors and necessary to confirm the license for professional activities. The paper presents key components that directly affect the scientific-practical and professional activity of the family physicians of the USA. The necessity of studying positive experience of socially oriented family medicine in the USA within reforming the system of medical education in Ukraine has been substantiated.


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Author Biography

L. Mykhailenko, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Lorena Mykhailenko, Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Department of Foreign Languages, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, e-mail: la-mykhailenko@rambler.ru

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