Training of Future Educators for Patriotic Education of Preschoolers in Ukraine and China

Keywords: future educator, preschooler, patriotism, Ukraine, China.


Education of patriotism is a factor in the consolidation of all segments of society, the revival of the country, the restoration of domestic political, economic and cultural development. Ukraine has implemented a number of measures to strengthen patriotic education, which is expressed in the strengthening of preschool education, the introduction of new holidays, attention to historical and cultural heritage. Patriotic education in modern Ukraine deserves the most careful attention and contributes to the strengthening of patriotic work. Today we need specialists in the field of preschool education who are able to set a goal and find ways to achieve it. Therefore, the success of patriotic education of preschool children is determined by the ability of mentors to clearly follow the essence of patriotic education of preschool children of a certain age, its purpose and objectives, correct and methodologically competent selection of content, forms and methods of working with students. The feeling of patriotism arises in childhood, when the foundations of a valued attitude to the world are laid. In pedagogical work with preschoolers in each area of ​​patriotic education, certain methods and tools are used. The attitude to native nature and small homeland is the basis of education of patriotism in preschool children. The main task of the educator is to instill in the child love and respect for native nature, to teach to see and feel the beauty of nature, to strive to preserve its riches. The purpose of this article is to define the key concepts of patriotic education, theoretical substantiation of issues of preparation of future educators for patriotic education of preschoolers in Ukraine and China. Research methods at the scientific and theoretical level included: method of analysis – analysis of scientific and methodological literature, methods of synthesis, comparison and generalization. The results. More and more scholars are paying attention to China's education system, in particular, the process of patriotic education. The study examines the place of patriotism in the system of higher education in China, the scope of patriotic education of future professionals. The authors analyzed the specifics of training future educators for patriotic education of preschoolers in Ukraine and China. Conclusions. Both Ukrainian and Chinese theory and practice of patriotism have formed a unique system of patriotic education in each country, and citizens have patriotic feelings.


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Author Biography

Oksana Mkrtichian, H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (DSc), Associate Professor,
Associate Professor of the Department of Theory, Technologies and Methodologies of Preschool Education,
H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University,
Kharkiv, Ukraine
29, Alchevsky Str., Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61002

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