The Training of the Fufure Teachers of Ukrainian Language and Literature by Means of Interactive Studying Techniques

Keywords: innovative methods of teaching, interactive learning, interactive technologies, interactive methods and ways of studying.


The article focuses on the theoretical and methodological aspects of the use of interactive learning and its advantages over traditional learning. The use of interactive learning in both secondary and higher education is analyzed. The research goal is to theoretically substantiate and highlight the introduction of methods of the model of training future Ukrainian language and literature teachers by means of interactive learning technologies, as well as to determine the factors of their choice. The main research methods used were analysis, generalization and modeling, observation, synthesis, systematization. The results of the conducted research allowed the author to reveal the qualities that a future teacher of Ukrainian language and literature should possess; to describe some pedagogical problems of training the future teachers of Ukrainian language and literature by means of interactive learning technologies.The benefit of this study is the defined content of interactive learning, which is believed to be a specially organized comfortable mutual learning of participants of the educational process as equal its subjects, which provides for their continuous active interaction, during which each of the students realizes and reflects all its knowledge and actions, feels successful and intellectually capable. The author identified such interactive learning methods of the model of training future teachers of Ukrainian language and literature in higher education institutions as: trainings, educational discussions; game technologies; interactive lectures: problem lectures, lecture-visualization, binary lecture, lecture-press conference, round table, cases, brainstorming. Moreover, the most used interactive learning methods of training future teachers of Ukrainian language and literature in universities are given and theoretically grounded; they are training, discussion, role playimg, method of «Spoiled phone», method of «remote project work Minecraft», «Сourt hearing», «Augmented reality», use of presentations. The author highlights their introduction into the work of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, states the positive aspects of interactive learning compared to classical one, determines seven factors for the choice of methods. As a result the author makes a conclusion that the use of interactive technologies not only contributes to the creation of an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual understanding in the educational institution, but also implements the basic principles of personality-oriented learning.


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Author Biography

Tetiana Rybchenko Keser, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

PhD Student, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature of Taras Shevchenko International Ukrainian Lyceum, Istanbul
Altınay Cad., Ortanca sokak, 7, Seyrantepe Mah. Kagıthane/ Istanbul, Turkey
ORCID: 0000-0002-4585-7134

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Keser, T. R. (2020). The Training of the Fufure Teachers of Ukrainian Language and Literature by Means of Interactive Studying Techniques. Professional Education: Methodology, Theory and Technologies, (11), 248-269.