Training of Future Social Workers on the Basis of the Competence Approach During the Study of the Discipline «Fundamentals of Research in Social Work»

Keywords: social worker, professional development, professionalization, competence approach, Fundamentals of scientific research in social work.


Theoretical and applied issues of training future social workers on the basis of the competence approach during the study of the discipline are studied. Analysis and systematization of scientific research in the process of training future social workers allowed determining the main potential of the competence approach to training future social workers during their professionalization.

The aim of the article is to describe and substantiate the competency approach during the study of the discipline «Fundamentals of research in social work».

It is substantiated that training of social workers on the basis of competence approach during studying of discipline «Fundamentals of scientific researches in social work» allows to apply theoretical knowledge for the decision of practical problems, forms professionally necessary complex of competences, helps to develop students’ independent thinking, combining theory with practice.

The benefit of article is that the paper analyzes each lesson (lecture and practical) and proposes a system of work on the formation of future social workers’ professional competencies within the components of readiness for professional activity.

In author’s opinion, expanding the content of academic disciplines with theoretical knowledge and practical tasks for the organization and implementation of research in social work and professional development will enrich and modernize the content of future social workers’ training in the competence approach. In addition, the disclosure of ways to implement the training of future social workers in the competence approach will improve the quality of their training in modern conditions.

The author of the article has made a conclusion that, on the basis of the analysis of the study of the discipline «Fundamentals of research in social work», the competence of the future social worker is seen as the ability to solve a wide range of tasks in the social field, the ability to quickly and quickly master new special skills, willingness to cope with new professional functions that determine the features of professional assistance to different types of clients.

The prospects for further exploration in this area are seen by the author as systematization of innovative technologies of the organization of educational process of HEI, development of the system of forming the future social workers’ competence paradigm.


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Author Biography

Hanna Ridkodubska, Khmelnytskyi National University

Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy (PhD), Assistant Professor,
Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy,
Khmelnytskyi National University
11, Instytutska Str., Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, 29000
ORCID: 0000-0003-0561-6835

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