Teacher Training as a Prerequisite for the Development of the School Biological Education System in Ukraine

Keywords: teacher training, development, school biological education system, structure, trends.


The article considers the school biological education as an integral pedagogical system with a certain structure. The purpose of the study is to outline the priority trends in training and advanced training of a biology teacher as an important active person in the system of school biological education for each period of its development. The benefit of this study is that the main trends in teacher training as an essential element of the school biological education system, which has its own history, determined by socio-political, economic, cultural factors of the social environment in accordance with the designated periodization of the school biological education system in Ukraine during the XX – early XXI centuries (4 periods), are analyzed. It is determined that the gnostic-professional component provides for the selection and implementation of progressive pedagogical experience as a scientific and methodological condition for the functioning of the system. The directions of increasing the efficiency of methodical work are determined.

The author of the article has made a conclusion that the process of education transformation needs to improve the organizational, methodological, informational and scientific activities of methodological services through: improving the organizational support for the process of identifying objects of experience; forming the scientific and methodological competence of employees involved in this work and providing guidance to this process. In the author’s opinion, training a teacher for pedagogical creativity as an integral system is based on a combination of dialectical categories, they are: general (a component of the professional general pedagogical work of a teacher); special (a specificity, which is conditioned by the laws of the creative process and the formation of the creative personality) and individual (it reflects the dependence of training on the personal qualities of a teacher). The author also notes that quality, efficiency, choice and equal access to education as unified priorities of Ukrainian educational policy require constant attention to the systematic training of teachers with new professional qualities. The final line in the article is that the teacher’s self-education activity will remain relevant as a necessary factor for the development of Ukrainian national education.


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Nina Novykova, Lviv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy (Ph.D), Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Natural and Mathematical Education, Municipal Institution of Lviv Regional Council
«Lviv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education»
18а, Ohiienka Str., Lviv, Ukraine, 79007
E-mail: ninov@ukr.net; novykovanina@gmail.com ORCID: 0000-0002-4284-2332

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