Keywords: preparedness, professional self-realization, types of preparedness, structural components of preparedness, period of adaption.


The article reviews various types of preparedness for the professional activity and looks into their meaning. It also describes the stages of the process of professional readiness development of college graduates and emphasizes the necessity of systematicity and complexity of this process. The article defines the components of psychological preparedness for the professional activity, explains the very term of «psychological preparedness for the activity», and substantiates its importance for further occupational self-realization. It explains the essence of the professional activity adaptation period as one of the most important indicators of the preparedness. The problems that appear during the preparedness development as future specialists prepare for work are determined. The article highlights the peculiarity of the notion of «professional preparedness» as well as features of its development depending on the type of activity and specificity of the chosen profession.

Current socio-economic changes in our country dictate the emergence of professional preparedness requirements for the prospective highly qualified professionals with the requirements aiming at fulfilling complex assignments, solving multilevel tasks, and adjusting to innovations at a fast pace. The development of preparedness for the professional self-realization is an important condition of preparing such specialists and an indicator of the effectiveness of their training.The objective of this article is the analysis of theoretical and methodological research on the problem of professional self-realization preparedness development and also the explanation of the very term of «professional preparedness», its structural components and different types.

The very term of preparedness appeared back at the beginning of the last century as it was necessary to create a personal activity model in various parts of life. Preparedness as one’s psychiatric condition means one’s inner disposition as for certain behavior while completing specific tasks. One of the most important indicators for the professional activity is the adaptation period for that activity.Professional preparedness development means multipurpose application of different principles, methods, means and forms of education as well as students’ training and activity management.


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Author Biography

Natalia Maiatina, Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business

Natalia Vasilyevna Maiatina, Head teacher, Chair of Informational, Technical, and Natural Sciences
Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business ,
Kyiv, Ukraine ORCID

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