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Keywords: legal clinic, provision of services, free assistance, vocational training, professionals of jurisprudence.


One of the most important problems in the field of law education is the problem of practical professional training future professionals of jurisprudence. The necessity of a radical update of the legislation, improving the quality of normative, law enforcement and law applicable activities requires changes in traditional system of study. The defined changes should be directed at obtaining by future lawyers professional skills in using norms of law not abstractly or detachedly from everyday life situations, but focused on the ability to apply them in practice. The organization of work of legal clinic within the institution of education takes an important role in vocational training future professionals of jurisprudence.

The article is devoted to the definition and study of the role of legal clinic in training future professionals of jurisprudence. The article deals with the process of modernization of law education in modern Ukraine that is focused on the development of practical training future professionals of jurisprudence, in which a clinical study plays a significant role. The meaning of practical activities of legal clinic as an organizational structure and special educational program has been defined. The directions of legal clinic work have been studied.  The educational and professional-oriented significance of the work of legal clinic in college have been analyzed. Its role in the teachers’ work for training future professionals of law activity, for providing legal assistance to clients, which belong to low-income groups of population has been determined. The content and the program of clinical legal training have been revealed. It has been established that organization of practice in legal clinic allows providing full-format student’s work in real business under such teacher’s control, which ensures the actual independence of professional activity with expressive guarantees of its quality. The author made a conclusion that the introduction of legal clinical education in the legal education system can provide: students ‒ by an experience in practical professional activities, consolidate theoretical knowledge gained during training, in practice; low-income persons ‒ a qualitative legal aid, the ability to protect their rights and legitimate interests; the institution of legal education ‒ the basis for students' training and production practice, new forms and methods of practical training of students in the educational process, a guarantee of the issuance of highly skilled specialists; the state ‒ a high level of legal education and legal culture in the country, access of vulnerable groups to free legal aid.


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Author Biography

Roman Kelemen, University «Ukraine»

Teacher of the College of the Carpathian Institute
of Entrepreneurship of the University «Ukraine»,
Khust, Ukraine

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