• Oleksandr Halus Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy
  • Bohdan Kryshchuk Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy
Keywords: structural model, scientific work, higher pedagogical educational institution.


The article is devoted to structural model of scientific work organization in a higher pedagogical educational institution. The author noted that the organization of scientific work of students and scientific and pedagogical workers in higher pedagogical educational institutions is an important current issue. The benefit of this study is the identified fact that the current regulatory documents in the field of education, the demands of practice, the experience of organizing and managing scientific work give grounds to assert that the scientific work of a higher educational institution is based on a number of methodological principles and approaches to its organization. The purpose of the article is justification and disclosure the content of the structural model of scientific work organization at a higher educational institution. Research methods. A number of scientific research methods were used for the research, in particular – an analysis, a synthesis, a generalization, a systematization of scientific literature and regulatory documents in order to determine the priority directions and elements of the structural model of the organization of scientific work; a modeling – for constructing a structural model of the investigated process. Conclusions. In the process of the research, the main components of the structural model of the scientific work organization at the pedagogical educational institutions have been created and substantiated in the article. The fact should be noted that this structural model is functional, implementation of which provides the efficient organization and management of scientific work of scientific and pedagogical workers and students at pedagogical higher education. Moreover, this model using allows taking into account the main components of scientific work systematically and comprehensively, which will provide, on the one hand, the qualitative preparation of highly skilled specialists in the educational branch, on the other hand – gives opportunity the scientific and pedagogical workers to grow professionally, scientifically, to develop their pedagogical mastership. The author of the article concluded that, in addition, this structural model is continuous, since it enables to organize scientific work in the system of preparation of students, masters, personnel of higher qualification.


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Author Biographies

Oleksandr Halus, Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy

Doctor in Pedagogy, Professor
Vice-rector for scientific work
Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy,
Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine,

Bohdan Kryshchuk, Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy

Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy (PhD), Assistant Professor
Head of Scientific Department
Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy,
Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

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