• O. Lavrentieva SHED «Kryvyi Rih national university» Kryvyi Rih pedagogical institute
Keywords: education-specific way of thinking; professional-pedagogic culture; teacher’s methodological culture


In article analyzes the questions of structure of teacher’s methodological culture us a core of metasystem of the professional and pedagogical culture. The thesis defines the essence and meaning of the methodological culture as a complex multilevel structure that can be described through functional-andmorphological components. The teacher’s methodological culture includes methodological conscience, methodological competency, individual-gnostic and value determinants, and each of the elements realizes the its functions in the methodological activities. The methodological conscience carries out world outlook, predictive and kritiko-reflexive functions. Methodological competence – informative, semiotics and creative functions, and also function of professional self-development of the teacher. The system of individual-gnostic and value determinants realizes estimated, regulatory, predictive and mobilization functions in methodological activity. Education-specific way of thinking is determined as a system-forming factor of the methodological culture.

The research also presents and grounds wide and strict interpretations of the methodological culture in accordance with the specific nature of educationalists’ and practicing teachers’ methodological activities and value directives. This culture in grounds wide is culture of management and designing. It’s ability of the subject to be in a creative and converting position of rather pedagogical theory and practice, to define and create universal strategic forms of professional and pedagogical activity, to use more effective tools for research and transformation of pedagogical process, its optimization.

The thesis accent on need of further searches at the interdisciplinary level by concerning the contents and spatial structure of the teacher’s methodological culture.


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Author Biography

O. Lavrentieva, SHED «Kryvyi Rih national university» Kryvyi Rih pedagogical institute
Olena Oleksandrivna Lavrentieva doctor of pedagogical sciences

manager of chair of all-technical disciplines and vocational training associated professor SHED «Kryvyi Rih national university» Kryvyi Rih pedagogical institute


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